October 02, 2017

  • AgriSiL is an Australian first for growers looking for an effective boost to Silicon levels in their crops.

  • It is the only product that delivers stabilised ortho silicic acid in a plant available formulation.

  • Growers are seeking improved Silicon levels to make fruit firmer and more durable post-harvest. It also improves resistance to pest and disease attack…..or

  • Growers looking for better post-harvest fruit quality and increased resistance to pest and disease pressure are today using AgriSil

Cal Amino B

May 25, 2017

  • CAL-Amino B provides growers with a more mobile form of calcium at a time when the fruit requires it most.

  • CAL-Amino B has seen an increase in popularity this season due to it’s unique amino acid chelation of calcium and boron.

  • The trace elements enter the plant through the stomatal pores with the least amount of plant energy required.

  • Plants see the amino acids as bonus energy and the trace element is drawn along with them.

  • This is called the “smuggling effect".

Archived - Screen Duo Newsfeed

May 08, 2017

Screen Duo

The severe heat waves since Christmas have certainly tested even the best fruit growers. Agricrop are pleased to say that this has been another record year for sales of Screen DUO, the Kaolin based dual action product that keeps crops cooler and mitigates the damage from heat stress. Citrus growers are enjoying the improved value of their crops and have recently taken a more proactive position when managing crop stress. A programmed application this season, even during the cooler start to summer, has seen trees and fruit better able to handle much of the recent excessive heat.


February 20, 2017


Agricrop releases a new product that allows growers to manage the amount of colour expressed by the fruit as the crop approaches harvest. 

Recommended for Royal Gala, Pink Lady apples and Shiraz grapes and certified as an organic input.

Introducing Agricrop's Chelated Trace Element Range

February 20, 2017

Agricrop's new range of Chelated Trace Elements

Stress Managment - Biorationals

February 15, 2017

Stress Management - Biorationals

Agricrop has a unique Biorational product range to assist growers with improving crop quality and productivity.

February 15, 2017

Apple Trial for seaons 2009 - 2015.

Archived - Mango Product Guide

December 04, 2016

Agricrop Product Guide for Mangoes

For a complete guide to application and timing using the Agricrop product range to assist with improving Mango crop quality and productivity.

Archived - Photon for Broad Acre

December 04, 2016


Use Photon for reducing Abiotic Stress and increasing productivity in Broad Acre and Row Crops

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