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Agricrop has a unique range of products to suit the horticulture, viticulture, forestry, sugarcane, turf, ammentities and broad acre markets. From amino acid to bio stimulants and trace elements to crop protection technologies, adjuvants and dye markers.
Biorationals & Crop Management
Plant Protection


Agricrop’s range of stress management products and biorationals offer growers a unique way to gain more productive and higher quality crops. These products include AgriBLUSH, AgrSiL , Amino BOSS, Growth Formula, Humic[K] WSP, Photon® 500SG, Screen® DUO,  IrriGate® 
and SeaNergy®.


Specialty Products

Agricrop’s range of specialty chemicals and adjuvants enable growers to sterilise and clean equipment, ensure that their plant protection products perform to their best and show where herbicides have been sprayed. The products include Big Red®, Herbi Blue® and Herbi Red® spray marker dyes; Spray Buff® 700 surfactant and SterimaX® Biocide.  

Agricrop’s range of plant protection products includes effective solutions for control of weeds in a broad range of crops, regulation of vegetative growth in mangoes, apples and stonefruit and root stimulants. The herbicide products include Cameo® 500, DiGrass®, Exile®,  Lantana 600 and Prolan® 500

Trace Elements

Agricrop’s range of trace elements manufactured in Italy to European standards provide excellent nutirion solutions for growers.  The micro-granule formulations provide instant solubility with no risk of lumps or sediments.  The range includes, Ferro Boss,  Calcium, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Zinc, and AGRI-MicromiX.    In addition to our locally manufactured CAL-Amino ®B and CAL-Amino Sea

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