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The products featured on this website are the culmination of many years of both product development and discerning selection. For every product you see here there will have been a least 10 discarded due to not meeting the Agricrop standards. Please do not hesitate to call one of our staff listed on the contacts page if you require assistance.

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Big Red Spray Marker Dye_image
Liquid Marking Dye and Foam Marker Colouring Agent
Gro-Slow Plant Growth Regulator
No longer available
Plant available silicon formulation
SIPC AminoBoss 20L Label image
High load Amino Acids
Arena MSMA
No Longer Available
Cameo 10L label image
Pre-emergent herbicide for turf and ammenities
Dalapon - Not currently available
For the control of annual and perennial grasses
Post emergent control of crows foot grass in turf
Non residual control of grasses, broadleaf weed...
Flower 'n' Fruit Maker
High loaded amino acids
Freeway Penetrant
Is a highly effective wetter/spreader/penetrant
Growth Formula 5L Label_SIPC 10357_print
Root hormone stimulant
SIPC Herbi Blue 20L label image
Blue spray indicator dye
Herbi Red 5L
A red dye compound not containing Rhodamine B
Humic [K] WSG
Soluble microgranulated form of potassium humic acid
100% Soluble Organic Potassium Humate Powder.
SIPC 10357 Irri Gate 20L label-Print rea
Soil surfactant
not PAM technology
Lantana 600
Controls Lantana...
Photon 500SG
Yield management technology
SIPC Prolan 500 label image Jan 19
Pre-emergent herbicide for turf and ammenities
Protifert LMV8 label image
50% w/w Amino Acid, manufacturing concentrate
SIPC SeaNergy 20L-Label image Feb 19
Liquid seaweed formulation
Screen Duo
Kaolin based dual action for heat mitigation
SIPC SprayBuff label image 12122018
An acidifying and penetrating surfactant.
Sipcam Steri-max label image Feb 2019
Broad Spectrum Farm Hygiene and Sanitizer
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